What sizes do the snacks come in?

    • 5 oz bag: 12-13 pieces
    • 10 oz bag: 24-26 pieces
    • 1 gallon jar: 60-62 pieces

    Where can we buy Huff n Puff snacks?

    • You can Order Online 
    • You can get them at one of Our Store Locations
    • You can visit us at one of Our Upcoming Events
    • You can order over the Phone: (808) 785-2586 
    • You can send us a email at hnphawaii@gmail.com

    How long do Huff n Puff snacks last?

    Huff n Puff snacks are the best when eaten within 1 month from purchase.

    For even better results store them in a refrigerator or cool area.

    Do you ship to Outer Islands or to the Mainland?

    Yes, we do! Please contact us or order online. Standard shipping fees will be applied.

    For any other questions or concerns please contact us by filling out the information below: